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“The decision to use a wedding coordinator was one of the first decisions that my husband and I made after our engagement. Today, we are both convinced that it was the best decision ever! Žaneta is professional in every way - at our pre-wedding consultations she helped us to create an idea about our whole wedding day. She gave us lots of practical advice, including any possible complications which we wouldn't have thought of. She didn't impose anything on us; she simply gave us her opinion when we wanted it (which was often, because Žaneta really understands the details of a wedding).

Thanks to Žaneta and her coordinator Katka we had the wedding of our dreams. We could completely rely on them which meant we could enjoy all of the important details and really live in the moment. They supervised everything so all organisational details were taken care of; everyone was in the right place at the right time. Guests, as well as the bride and groom, could enjoy the whole day. In contrast to other brides I didn't feel any stress on my wedding day. I didn't have to make any phone calls, do any administration or keep an eye on the schedule, which is clear from the photos :)

The best part of our wedding was the happiness of the guests, when they praised us and said that was the best wedding they have ever attended. The mother, father and witnesses were touched when they could enjoy the day rather than stress about organisation. The peak of their (Žaneta and Katka’s) willingness was shown they refreshed their French language so that they could communicate with our families from abroad and make them feel included.

If we could go back we wouldn't change a thing except that we would ask Žaneta to not only coordinate the wedding day but to coordinate our preparations too. :)

Adam and Selma”

“If you want everything to work in harmony on your wedding day, use Žaneta's services. She has a professional attitude when dealing with the vendors and a friendly attitude towards the couples. This is probably the most important thing you need so that you can completely relax. It's also the most important aspect for the videographer as it shows in my work. Trust my opinion - you will remember your wedding day with a smile. Žaneta's services are an investment which will make you happy during the day and relaxed during your special moment.

Jakub Laššo, DIB production”

“Thank you to Žaneta for her wonderful service during our wedding preparations. At the last minute, in one month, she taught us about the necessary formalities; she carefully listened and helped design our wedding ceremony; and she arranged the full celebration based on our wishes. Žaneta is accurate, with a great eye for attention-to-detail. She is always willing to support and help with any problems. During the actual wedding day, she was able to manage everything with ease – from the organisation of our guests, to the wonderful arrangement of our wedding decorations. Žaneta is friendly, respectful and wonderfully diplomatic when needed!

Denisa and Pavel”

“Hello Žaneta,

I have enclosed some photos of the wedding, which I hope you will find helpful for your website.

My daughter's wedding was amazing and you helped with organising and managing it for the best. It certainly wasn't easy, but you did it. Everything was prepared exactly as my daughter wanted. Our American friends were so impressed - perhaps that is why they asked us to prepare a similar event for a 1 year anniversary celebration in America. Unfortunately you cannot help us there, but best of luck with your business.

Take care

Naděžda Dvořáková
(Mother of the bride)

“We would like to thank Ms Žaneta Slámová for her perfect and professional management of our wedding. Everything was thought about, to the very last detail. Žaneta helped us with the ceremony venue selection and the venue for our celebration afterwards. She recommended a beautiful salon, and bakery for our cake, so that we didn’t have to search and waste time. I highly recommend Žaneta’s services if you want to enjoy your wedding preparations and the day, free of stress and complications! Additionally, she is trustworthy and will try to fulfil all your wishes and requests.

Thank you.

Pavlína and Jan Kubáčkovi”

“It was a perfectly organised wedding with a completely satisfied bride and groom and unique balloon decorations. It is important when the wedding planner organises the wedding day in accordance with bride's wishes not only the time itinerary. When the bride and groom don't have to organise every single detail they are happier - not just in the photos.

Thank you to Žaneta Slámová for her professional cooperation.

Josef Mašek, photographer”

“I would like to thank Ms Slámová for her perfect service when organising my wedding. From the wedding cake tasting, to the bridal gown selection, to the actual wedding day schedule, she was always helpful and adaptable to my workload and special wishes. I especially appreciated her honest opinions. Without them, my wedding would not have had the high standard that it did.

Michaela Kratzer”

“I would like to thank Žaneta for her pre-wedding and wedding day care. My husband and I decided, after our 9 year relationship, to get married. Because it was already Autumn, we had only one month to prepare. At that time we had no idea what a wedding was about. Thanks to Žaneta, who accepted out short term preparation, we organized the wedding and planned it based on great ideas and our wishes. We will always remember this special day fondly. And I can fully recommend Žaneta to all brides-to-be.

Katka and Martin Žižkovi”

“We would like to send a big 'thank you’ to Žaneta. Žaneta helped us with the planning of our wedding from the very beginning to the end. During the whole process she worked to our wishes and requests. She is very experienced, which was clear when she would suggest alternative ideas to make our wedding more fun.

During the wedding day itself, Žaneta was on hand which allowed us to forget about the technical and organisational parts of the event. We were happy that we could trust her to manage our day, and our wedding was great thanks to her. We really appreciated how much Žaneta helped us with everything. Without her, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy our wedding as much, or spend such a large amount of time with our guests. We are truly thankful to Žaneta, and think her experience and perfect organisational skills were key to our perfect day.

We highly recommend Žaneta Slámová’s services.


Our cooperation with Zaneta and Jana was absolutely wonderful, friendly and yet very professional. We especially appreciated their upmost attention to detail, perfect preparation and ability to find suitable solutions for all participating parties. We were able to rely on them 100% and we fully trusted them. Therefore we were able to devote ourselves to the real romantic preparations! :-) The organization of our wedding was fantastic.

Bára and Honza

What the Bride thought:

“For me, one of the most important things about our cooperation was trust and the interconnection on our intentions. I mostly appreciated how almost invisibly the team worked at the event and yet I knew that every member of the team knew exactly what to do and they did it with a confident lightness. On the big day, it was such a relief to have to only deal with the “pleasant concerns” of the Bride such as makeup, hair and dressing up. Everything run smoothly according to a plan and I, as the Bride, was enjoying my amazing time.”

What the Groom thought:

“It's obvious that Žaneta and Jana are experienced professionals. Their main asset are responsibility, professionalism, as well as being able to think several steps ahead. They assured us during the wedding preceding days that everything is ready, prepared and ok. :-)”

Groom’s feelings:

“I was able to relax and devote my attention solely into entering our sacred journey of marriage. Žaneta and Jana are fairytale-like beings, their friendly but professional work enabled that I was able to take on my Groom duties and not worry about organizational ones. Also, during the wedding preparation time, they quickly responded to all our needs, changes, wishes and desires. I wholeheartedly recommend to all grooms to relax, enjoy the day, and walk firm and proud with Žaneta and Jana - our two angels – supporting you.

Zdeněk Weber

Bride’s feelings:

The inspiration, superb experience, upmost professional coordination and implementation – a real gem!

Before the wedding I wasn’t able to see just how much Žaneta and Jana could do for us – now I don't know how we would have made it without them.

The greatest contribution towards the event was their expert care and experience - thanks to which all the planning started 9 months before the wedding and thanks to synchronization of all the steps everything was underway slowly with enough room for consideration and deliberation throughout the preparation period.

They attentively listened to all our needs and visions, what we wanted and didn't want, they brought in an abundant inspiration and options how to meet our concept, but at the same time delicately steered us into the right decision when needed. They arranged every little detail. And lastly they synchronized all necessary operations during the wedding day so that I was able to be “just” the Bride and concentrate on my upcoming big step.

We and all our wedding guests enjoyed the whole day. And for that we thank you, ladies.

Šárka Weberová

Wedding brainstorming from the Bride’s perspective:

“A wedding coordinator? What is she beneficial for?” - some might ask. Those were my questions at the beginning as well.

When we started putting our wedding together we had no idea how much work was ahead of us. Our idea was that we would make few phone calls to just a couple of places and after that we would just happily be waiting for our Big Day. BUT to organize and take care of everything needed for a wedding to our satisfaction needed much more than that. During this process my bridesmaid Veronika came to help and suggested a consultation with two wedding coordinators Žaneta and Jana. We discussed the whole wedding day, step by step, minute by minute, all the needed preparations, possible future complications, and everything else required for our wedding to go the way we envisioned. Our day went without a hitch thanks to all the advice from the ladies and a great synchronization of Veronika. Therefore, if you want your wedding to go smoothly, I recommend all future Brides and Grooms to hire these two wonderful wedding coordinators. They have great ideas, experience, tested suppliers and I dare to say that they will make your dream come true.”

Martin and Monika

Wedding brainstorming from the Bridesmaid's perspective:

“When my cousin asked me to be her Bridesmaid and coordinate the whole wedding day I was excited but terrified at same time. How would I manage without any previous experience? I did manage - thanks to Žaneta!

Žaneta shared her professional experience with us during our first meeting. She guided us through all the possible obstacles of the wedding day, she went through our ideas and shaped all the spheres in which we were not certain. She asked all kinds of questions that we were not even aware we should be asking. Her instructions and advice were practical and precise. If there is somebody who knows what perfection means and knows how to carry it out, it is Žaneta! :-)

Our wedding day ran smoothly without bigger troubles and we even managed to take care of the little ones thanks to Žaneta’s and Jana’s thorough preliminary preparations with ease. The Bride had a wonderful day and I gained a life-time experience. Thank you!

Veronika, the Bridesmaid

Wedding brainstorming:

“We recently celebrated our one year wedding anniversary … We took a picnic trip to Sion to commemorate our very original wedding ceremony and to show the mystical place to our newborn baby. We couldn’t help ourselves but to evaluate what we liked about our wedding and what we would definitely do all over again. One of the best decisions we made was a pre-wedding meeting with Žaneta. My previous belief that she was “not needed” was gone. I was grateful that I did it. Her recommendations were all worth it. I still remember her kind smile till this day and the feeling of trust that I gained during the meeting. I was able to look forward to the wedding day and I was not afraid of it anymore :-)

I certainly recommend their services. Worth every penny! Thank you. G.P.”


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